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According to the National Drug Intelligence Center, Albuquerque serves as an important shipping point for Mexican black tar and Mexican brown powdered heroin. From here, these products are distributed throughout the country. Statistics indicate that the area also has the highest heroin-related death rates in the United States. Breaking the habit of the highly addictive substance of abuse sometimes requires a lifetime of support. Heroin addiction happens gradually for some and swiftly for others. Trained staff members at rehabilitation recovery centers can help in the fight against this dependency.

Supervised Detoxification

The length for detoxification associated with heroin abuse requires close monitoring by medical staff, who will provide emotional and physical support. Symptoms of withdrawal usually begin within 12 hours from the last injected dose, can peak in 48 to 72 hours and may last more than a week. Though not considered medically dangerous, the effects experienced during the withdrawal period are physically difficult and cause many to give up. These effects include nausea and vomiting, extreme chills, painful muscle cramps and restlessness. Often, addicts who attempt detox on their own relapse because withdrawal symptoms and cravings are so consuming. The relapse can be very dangerous and many overdoses are related to use during relapse.

Medical advances pertaining to addiction have revealed that prescriptions of methadone or Suboxone bind with opiate receptors in the brain similar to the way heroin does. This causes a reduction in the cravings normally experienced from the drug addiction. The treatment medicine also reduces the painful effects of withdrawal. The medications are provided under the direct supervision of a physician and are closely regulated.

Behavioral Therapies

Once completing the detox process, comprehensive treatment includes therapy. Research has found that medication supplements combined with appropriate forms of therapy produce higher rates of recovery for individuals suffering from opiate dependency. At rehabilitation recovery centers, clients attend cognitive behavioral therapy sessions which provide the chance to learn about strategies for self-discipline. While recognizing the environmental triggers that contribute to relapse, clients also acquire techniques for overcoming temptation. Recovering addicts are given the opportunity to practice the many methods learned.

Aftercare Support

Once we've assisted in finding the right rehab center for a patient and they've completed detox and treatment, they will begin working on their aftercare plan. Aftercare may be in the form of assistance from recovery coaches or participation in support groups. Methadone Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and other 12-step programs are all acceptable options for ongoing help. If you or someone you know need help overcoming an opiate addiction, but don't know where to start, speak with a representative now and get the answers you need about your addiction and where to seek treatment- (505) 559-4268.

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