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Although alcoholism is a social health issue that exists across the country, the residents of Albuquerque suffer from a high incidence of alcohol abuse. According to the NY Times, in 2011, Albuquerque, New Mexico had the eighth highest death rate in the nation from alcohol-related accidents. According to a study done on individuals in Albuquerque treatment facilities, those with an alcohol addiction were less inclined to admit dependence compared to those with drug addictions. If you worry about your loved one struggling with alcohol dependence, addiction professionals are committed to his or her safe, sustained recovery.

The Frustrations of Denial

It is difficult to watch helplessly as a loved one suffers from alcohol drinking problems. Despite pleas from family to enter alcohol rehab, an addict may still not admit to having a problem. Alcohol abuse can cloud the thought process, resulting in denial. Although it's clear that an addict's physical and mental health is deteriorating, alcohol abuse continues without remorse or guilt.

The Role of Alcohol Rehab

Albuquerque Drug Treatment Centers strive to break through the blindness of denial and promote self-awareness and clarity by finding you the proper treatment center. Through individual and group therapy, your loved one will gain insight into addiction and begin to embrace a healthy recovery. As an inpatient, he or she may appreciate a safe haven that removes the temptations of drinking friends and the neighborhood tavern. Alcohol rehabilitation centers provide the atmosphere that allows your loved one to focus on recovery without distractions.

Managing Detoxification from Alcohol

A skilled medical team understands the dangers of withdrawal and provides a gentle and safe treatment program for detox from alcohol. Depending on the intensity of the addiction, your loved one may require specialized alcohol medication that slowly allows the body to adjust to withdrawal. As part of inpatient treatment, your loved one will receive 24-hour care from a dedicated staff of compassionate professionals.

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