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The road to recovery is marked with many obstacles that need to be overcome. Facing these obstacles alone can be impossible, so building a network of support is essential for the success of any recovering addict. Even though recovery necessitates a variety of methods for each individual, support networks are always a necessary component. Programs for addiction recovery in Albuquerque, NM, can set you up for success, and we can help you find the perfect fit for you.

The Importance of Building a Peer Support Network

The process of recovery is often associated with feelings of fear, anxiety, agony, doubt, helplessness and insatiable drug cravings. If you have no one there to help you constructively cope with these feelings, it could result in a relapse. Thus, the stronger your peer support network is, the greater chance you will have in overcoming your addiction. At Albuquerque Addiction Recovery Centers, you will be guided toward qualified health care professionals who will assist you in building a strong peer support network. Drug rehab specialists understand that recovery necessitates much more than just clinical treatments. At a recovery facility, treatments emphasize the benefits of specific peer support organizations that deal with addiction, such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. By joining such an organization, it enables addicts to find other recovering addicts who can empathize and assist with their recovery process. By finding a sponsor and working the 12 steps laid out by the program, recovering addicts find that sobriety is not so hard when they're not left to face it alone.

Addiction Recovery in Albuquerque Teaches Relapse Prevention

While attending the rehabs provided by Addiction Recovery in Albuquerque NM, patients are taught to look for specific triggers that may lead to a relapse. By gaining a fundamental understanding of what causes a relapse to occur, patients are better able to handle situations that would ultimately lead to a relapse. In general, there are three distinct stages for a relapse: emotional, mental and physical relapse. During the stage of an emotional relapse, the thought of using has not yet entered your mind. Instead, your behaviors and emotions act as a precursor to a relapse. By not expressing your fear, anger, anxiety and other uncomfortable feelings, you may set yourself up for a situation that leads you to relapsing. When you do start to think about your drug use, this stage is referred to as mental relapse.

You may start to feel ambivalent towards your recovery, which means that you will have conflicting desires. One part of you will feel reluctant towards using again, whereas another part of you will crave your drug of choice intensely. It usually starts as just a mild ambivalence, but if it goes unaddressed, it may become uncontrollable. The final outcome of the first two stages of relapse is a physical relapse. This is defined as the actual act of obtaining your drug and using it. Thankfully, if the first two stages are met with strong peer support, then a physical relapse is highly preventable. By enlisting in Albuquerque Alcohol Treatment, you will find the tools necessary to combat the prospect of a relapse. Call now at (505) 559-4268 to get started on the road of recovery.

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