Opiate Addiction Treatment in Albuquerque

Opiate addiction treatment in Albuquerque is increasing as more individuals become dependent on medications that are commonly prescribed for pain. Many agencies feel that these drugs are prescribed too frequently and in quantities that make it easy for individuals to become addicted. Opiate abuse treatment often requires a stay in an inpatient facility to allow individuals to focus on the therapies that will allow them to resume their normal lives.

What Are Opiates?

Opiates are compounds derived from opium, a narcotic that is made from the poppy plant. A large number of medications are classified as opiates, such as morphine, heroin, hydrocodone and oxycodone. They produce a feeling of numbness, relaxation and euphoria. These compounds are extremely useful in relieving pain from injury or disease. However, they can also be abused and can lead to addiction. Opiate abuse treatment must not only remove the opiate from the individual's physical system. It must also change the patient's patterns of behavior so that they can resist cravings and return to a productive life. To do this, opiate abuse treatment uses a variety of therapy methods in a plan that is designed for each individual.

How Opiate Dependence Forms

Opioid dependence forms quickly. These drugs stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain, locking into receptors that are ordinary held by serotonin and dopamine. When the drug is withdrawn, the body is unable to produce its own chemicals, and severe cravings begin. In some cases, dependence occurs as a result of misusing opiates that have been legitimately prescribed for pain. However, in other cases, pain medications are misdirected to others for abuse.

Causes of Addiction

Research indicates that addiction is caused by a number of different factors that may occur together. Genetic factors can make an individual more vulnerable to addiction. Environmental factors, in which the drug is readily available, also plays a part. The psychological patterns of individuals also appear to play a part in whether or not they will become addicted.

Treatment for Opiate Abuse

An Albuquerque drug detox is the first step in the opiate abuse treatment process. After the drug has left the body, the individual can begin the treatment program that includes individual and group counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy and a variety of other methods to improve the ability to deal with cravings and stress. Outside recovery programs like Narcotics Anonymous let addicts share their experiences in order to determine why they started using.

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