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Seeking help to overcome addiction? Call (877) 804-1531 to begin recovery today. For anyone recovering from substance dependence, one of the most crucial aspects is being able to recalibrate the chemical imbalance within the brain caused by excessive drug use. Detoxification (detox) is the body's natural process of ridding itself of any and all toxic substances. At a center for detoxification in Albuquerque, patients are able to tackle the detox process with the help of certified healthcare professionals. By combining their compassion with their medical experience and expertise, they are able to provide a comprehensive treatment that makes the detox process as comfortable for the patient as possible and we can help you find the perfect fit.

The Neurochemistry of Addiction

From the perspective of a neuroscientist, addiction is a neuropathological disease that is equally dependent on genetics as it is on environmental contingencies. Regardless of the cause, addiction always results from a fundamental change in the brain's chemistry. The chemicals that relay information between cells within the brain are referred to as neurotransmitters, and drugs serve to act as either inhibitors or facilitators of communication between brain cells, or neurons. The neurotransmitter that is believed to subserve addictive behavior is known as dopamine (DA). With any mood-altering or psychoactive substance - whether it is heroin, alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, benzodiazepines or marijuana - the brain receives an influx of dopamine, causing feelings of euphoria and excitement. Dopamine is also heavily associated with the reward pathway within the brain, making the act of using a drug as essential as eating or drinking. At an Albuquerque Alcohol/Drug Detox, it is believed that ascertaining a well-rounded understanding of addiction is one of the best ways to combat it. Along with an understanding of the underlying neuroscience of addiction.

The Detoxification Process

Withdrawal symptoms can make the detoxification process one of the biggest hurdles to overcome in the preliminary stages of recovery. It is the first phase of treatment at an Albuquerque Alcohol/Drug Detox, followed by the behavioral treatment phase. Inpatient programs regularly offer medications such as suboxone, methadone and librium to ease the plight of substance withdrawal. You can be assured that your withdrawal symptoms will be met with a number of methods that serve to assist you throughout the detox process. Detoxification in Albuquerque can make a world of difference when beginning the road to recovery. Having such a knowledgeable staff at your disposal at all times can really make the process of the detox progress more smoothly than when dealing with it on your own. Support is paramount; therefore, dealing with detox alone will most likely result in a hasty relapse. If you want to ensure your success, call (877) 804-1531 now to let us help you get started.

Albuquerque Alcohol/Drug Detoxes Make Recovery That Much Easier- Let us Help you in your Search

Many rehab centers in the area fail to incorporate detox into their overall treatment program. At the centers for Substance Abuse Albuquerque NM, they understand that detox can be a tough process, and do not expect you to face it on your own. By removing yourself from your normal environment during detox, it is significantly easier to deal with cravings and avoid situations that engender drug use. Hence, relapse becomes increasingly preventable under our supervision. If you are truly motivated to face your addiction, the solution is only a call away. Contact us today at (877) 804-1531, and we'll get you on your way to a better life by finding you a center that has everything needed for a successful recovery.

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